How to handle Halloween at the office
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How to handle Halloween at the office

Work: Where you not only meet deadlines, you conquer them early and ask for more. It’s where you sprint through mile-long task lists like a marathon runner on race day. Where your co-workers know you as an anchor, dependable for providing stability and strength in the team.

Halloween: It’s the only time of year when it’s acceptable for adults to not only cause children to scream and cry, but it’s a competition for who can do it best. When it’s not only acceptable to dress up in that trashy costume – it’s expected. It’s the only time of year when it’s not creepy to accept candy from strangers.

Halloween falls on a Monday this year, so a haunting question looms over us: Should work and Halloween be combined, or should we get our trickery out of our system over the weekend?

Where you work is probably 75 percent of the deciding factor for this one. If you’re an attorney with a court date on October 31, you probably shouldn’t show up in devil suit. And bank tellers, don’t even think about digging out that old Jason mask. But for many of us, it might be acceptable or even encouraged to dress up for All Hallow’s Eve. So once we’ve decided to dress up we have to decide to what extent we’ll take a costume.

You have a professional reputation at work. There’s probably a side of you that you’ve kept to your close friends, and it can be fun to show a little personality on Halloween. Just remember to keep it clean. This is not the time to relive your college days. In fact, we’re almost certain whatever costume you wore in college for Halloween should be kept far from the work place.

So keep your costume PG, and don’t over-sell it. Just because you’re dressed as a pirate for the occasion does not mean you have to talk like a swashbucklin’ fool all day. If you stick to this gameplan you should have a fun Halloween and still have your job on Tuesday.

“Our Top 5 Office Halloween Costume Picks”

Vending Machine (attach snacks and dollar bills to a long sleeve shirt, pants)
Office Supply Closet (attach paper clips, staples, tape, post-its etc)
Pink Slip (easy enough, wear a pink slip over your regular work clothes)
Happy Hour (purchase a large, cheap clock and fasten it around your neck al la Flava Flav, set it to 5PM, carry an empty martini glass around)
Your favorite fictional bosses (To do Bill Lumbergh from Office Space you’d need a big coffee mug, some TPS reports and thick rimmed glasses)

What are your top 5 Halloween costumes?

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