How To Turn Pumpkins and Gourds Into Fabulous, Fall Decor
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How To Turn Pumpkins and Gourds Into Fabulous, Fall Decor

Pumpkins and gourds are not just for carving. To show you what can be done, we’ve compiled our favorite pumpkin and gourd decorating ideas that’ll add style to your place without costing you much time or money. Simply pick up a few in various shapes and colors then get to work with these hip and stylish ideas:

Candles: Make beautiful votive candleholders in just a few steps. Cut a mini pumpkin horizontally in half, discard the top, hollow out the center and drop a candle in.

Table Arrangement: Arrange pumpkins and gourds of various shapes and sizes with plates, cake stands, fruit and/or branches. Use as many items or as few as you’d like depending on the size of your surface. Also, try contrasting your pumpkins with solid colored accessories, for example, all white plates will set an elegant look, black items will set a Halloween tone.

In A Vase: Drop tiny pumpkins or gourds into large glass vases or cylinders. Fill with as many as look good to you.

As A Vase: Use as a vase for a gorgeous arrangement or centerpiece. To do this, hollow out a pumpkin and put a clear glass vase inside. Fill the vase with water and flowers.

Adoration: adorn the outside of your pumpkins with beautiful abstract designs made with sunflower seeds and nuts. Start by drawing your design with a pencil then use hot glue to attach and fill in your design.

Twinkle Twinkle: make a Twinkle pumpkin that’ll light up your front steps. To make, you’ll need a drill, tape and a strand of string lights. Watch the How To video here.

Planter: create gorgeous planters for your fall flowers and foliage. Here’s some easy step-by-step instructions.

Face It: use acrylic paints and/or permanent markers to create beautiful designs on your pumpkin. You can also write messages such as “welcome” or “Happy Halloween” for placement near your front door.

Shimmer: silver or gold spray paint can be used to create shimmering pumpkins and gourds. Spray with a light mist for a glimmering effect or go heavy to create a stunning statement.

Junk’ins: use discarded garage odds and ends to create unique pumpkin faces or critters. Check out these examples to get your juices flowing.

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