How To: Tie A Tie
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How To: Tie A Tie

It’s time to re-evaluate the knot holding your outfit together. Yep, it’s time to actually learn how to tie a tie

Fellas, is there anything more symbolic of a hard day’s work than coming home, loosening the knot on your tie, grabbing your favorite drink and sitting down on the couch to look back on a hard day’s work? Tomorrow you’ll wake up and do it all over, putting that tie back on and going into work to be the anchor your team needs you to be.

However, for many of us it might be time for a little change. We know you’re still wearing the tie you wore to the job interview, and it’s been there for your rise to the top. But it’s time to re-evaluate the knot holding your outfit together. It’s time to actually learn how to tie a tie.

We know, you already “know” how to tie a tie, but do you know what kind of knot you’re tying or why you’re doing it? If you have an open collar, how tight should the knot be? Which is more professional, the half-Windsor or the full? See, there’s a lot to consider with your tie selection.

First, we’re going to assume someone has no clue how to tie any type of tie knot. If that’s you, start here with a few tips on selecting a good tie and then learn to tie a simple knot. Simple knots (also known as four-in-hand knots) are slightly lopsided but the most commonly used knot for ties.

Your tie should never look as though it’s intruding on your shirt collar. The simple knot and half-Windsor knot are good for collars that don’t leave much space for a tie, but if your collar is wide you may want to consider a full-Windsor knot. The full-Windsor is also a dressier tie knot.

A nice touch to any well-tied tie is the dimple — the small concave area right below the knot. With a little practice and these tips you’ll soon have the perfect dimple on all of your ties.

With all of this tying and untying of the tie, there’s a lot of wear and tear going on, so taking proper care of your tie can significantly extend its life. The major rules are don’t leave the knots tied for storage, don’t wash them and never iron them. Keep in mind that any stains will be tough to remove since most ties are made of silk. Many dry cleaners will not clean it because they will lose their sheen, so keep that in mind while sipping that black coffee over your $90 necktie.

Just like you’re the backbone of your team, the tie is your anchor in your wardrobe, pulling everything together through its sheen, accent colors and, now, perfectly tied knot. It’s an extension of your personality and a reflection on you.

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