Curb the road rage and bring a little holiday cheer to the highway
Curb the road rage and bring a little holiday cheer to the highway

Whether it’s a trip to the shopping mall or an eight hour road trip to see the folks, we’re all going to be hitting the pavement more than usual over the next month or two. Yes, you are going to be frustrated with traffic, your travel companions will likely annoy you and amid all of this you will probably forget some of the most basics of car care. That’s why we’ve crafted up these helpful travel tips and reminders, just in time for the holidays! What tips do you have? Share them by Tweeting us!

The works
Between eating too much turkey, unwrapping gifts and closing out the year with a bang, be sure to have your car serviced. We’re talking about the works: oil change, tires checked (rotated, balanced and properly aired up for the winter), battery tested (cold weather is a battery killer), windshield wipers replaced, fluids checked and a general check-up at a trusted mechanic. Consider purchasing an emergency kit to leave in your vehicle. Basic kits with an emergency blanket, jumper cables, flashlight and a basic first aid kit are very affordable.

Entertainment provided
When we were growing up there were no iPads and Words With Friends, also known as Scrabble, did not travel well in the car. Now nearly everyone has some type of smartphone, laptop or tablet that provides endless entertainment and dramatically cuts down the number of “Are we there yet” questions posed. The problem becomes keeping these devices charged. Keep the peace, buy a power converter.

Keep calm and carry on
Road rage: When it rears its ugly head, just take a deep breath and accept there are people who cannot drive. They will cut you off, nearly hit you and turn into your lane with no signal. Just be thankful you’re not a passenger in that car.

It may sound obvious, but plan your trip so that you can miss rush hours in the major cities you will be passing through. You may think you’re getting a head start on the day by leaving at 6 a.m., but if you’re going to sit in two hours of traffic, you may as well leave a bit later (or earlier) and miss the rush. Also consider weather and check for construction along the way. The State Troopers Directory will help you locate what is happening in each state.

Have fun, be nostalgic
It’s the most basic but most important tip we have! Talk about the good old days while you’re stuck in the car and remember: you’re making memories this holiday season, too! There’s nothing more important than family, so take time to reflect on that and appreciate the opportunity you have to go visit them!

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