How To Decorate For The Holidays When On A Budget
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How To Decorate For The Holidays When On A Budget

Don’t let a lack of funds keep you from decking your halls this holiday season. If you’re aching to decorate for the holidays, gather up your pennies and follow our tips to get your space in elfin’ awesome shape.

It is a proven fact (just go with us here) that a little holiday spirit will go a long way. Remember, you don’t have to cover your entire house in tinsel and bows, just a few accents here and there will make a statement.

Start off by picking a theme. It’ll keep you on task, help you gather ideas and remove temptation from buying unnecessary stuff. It’ll also give you direction to transform your existing decor. If your budget is super tight, pick a theme that goes with your current decor. If it goes with your existing items, it will save you from having to buy a lot of extra things.

A few theme examples: vintage, toy-land, santa, snowman, penguin, colors (blue, green, silver, gold, white, red or combinations). Once you’ve chosen a theme, make a list of the decor you’d like to make and any items that you’ll need to purchase.


Go through the decorations that you’ve acquired over the years. Make three piles: Things you’d like to use this year, things that are broken and/or falling apart (throw away pile) and items that can use a little TLC. Throw away the old stuff and makeover the TLC items.

Gather up your arts and crafts supplies and make a trip to pick up additional items. Some key supplies that you might need: glue (hot and paste), glitter, paint (acrylic, spray), garland (tinsel, “sparkly” kind) and basic ornaments (you can find them in bulk packages). Choose colors that will tie in with your theme. These items should be inexpensive, so stick to discount and dollar stores.

Glimmer and shimmer add magic. Pull together glass bowls, vases and any bottles that you have on hand. Fill with sparkly items such as tinsel, garland, ornaments and string lights then use as accents on tables, your mantle, centerpieces – wherever. You can also place an unframed accent mirror beneath your sparkly glass or as a backdrop to advance the sparkle and shine even more.


Au Natural
Go hunting. No, not for furry animals, silly. Look for sticks, branches, pine cones and assorted greenery. Spray paint your finds in silver or gold, pop them in a vase and voilĂ  – you have instant elegant holiday decor. You can take it a step further and dangle some ornaments on them or tie a few bows. There are so many ways you can adapt this idea.

Going back to the point about simplicity, keep in mind that the simplest of items can make the most beautiful of statements. Case in point, fruit. Use cranberries, red and green apples, pears etc to fill glass bowls and vases with fabulous color. You can also purchase inexpensive fake fruit, cover the pieces in glue and then roll in glitter for a touch of unexpected sparkle.

Candy Canes
Carrying on the edible theme, don’t forget about the classic and inexpensive holiday treat, the candy cane. Tie a red ribbon around a drinking glass. Fill the glass with candy canes and display on a shelf or side table.

Purchase a pack of inexpensive holiday cards and use them as prints. Place them in frames or use fishing line (it’s strong and cheap!) to hang them on a wall, mantel or across a room. Save the cards you get this season to reuse next year.

Spray paint several bottles (wine, juice, beer) to hold evergreen sprigs, flowers, twigs or tapered candles. You can use just one type of bottle or make it a little more visually interesting with a variety of shapes. The key will be that they’re all the same color. Use the bottles as a centerpiece on your dining room table, on shelves or mantles and on accent tables.

Winter White
Tape a doily to the outside of a clean glass mayonnaise jar. Spray the outside of the container with artificial snow, let it dry, then remove the doily. Fill with white flowers or white string lights.

For a festive holiday scent, tie a handful of cinnamon sticks into a bundle using red ribbon. Create a bunch of these bundles and tuck them into nooks and crannies.

Now that we’ve got your ideas flowing, what do you have to share? Tell us your favorite holiday decorating tips below!

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