How to split holiday time without breaking up the family
How to split holiday time without breaking up the family

There’s no greater blessing than being home for the holidays. It’s the only time of year the whole family gets together and shares a bountiful spread of food and wine that you will dream about until the next holiday season. It’s a family tradition.

Enter that perfect someone. First came love, then came marriage, then came a very angry phone call from mom wanting to know why you are spending Thanksgiving with your new in-laws instead of her, like you have for the past 25 years.

If you have a significant other, this is a dilemma you are likely to face. Naturally, with two of you, there are two families to please. This doesn’t mean you have to leave one in the cold each year, but it does mean there will be compromises for all involved.

First, consider all of the holidays that your families observe. Whether it’s Thanksgiving, religious holidays or New Years Eve, you’ll likely find overlap. Depending on how far apart your families live, there are a couple of ways to split up this time.

Thanksgiving is tough. Nearly everyone’s family puts a lot of effort into making the perfect meal. We find it best to say up front that you are going to rotate each year. One year with one family, and the next with the other. If you live close enough you can try to split the day and do a lunch with one family and dinner with another, but it seems you get caught up in more holiday hustle and don’t really get to enjoy the time with your loved ones.

Splitting times for the holidays may not be an option. Some people may find that a rotation works well, but also remember that the most important part of all this is just being with family. Even if you plan to rotate next year, don’t neglect one side of the family. Try to make a visit at some point this winter, and maybe you can even warm them up to the idea of celebrating the holidays during that time.

If for some reason you can’t make it to see one side of the family, send them a gift in the mail. No one could possibly be mad at you after receiving a tin full of cookies. Happy holidays everyone! We hope yours are full of relaxation, family and oh, let’s not forget, food!

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