Spread cheer (and a little cream cheese) at the office with some baked goods
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Spread cheer (and a little cream cheese) at the office with some baked goods

We’re approaching the time of year known for its cheer, but let’s be honest for a second. It’s also when we spend all of our daylight hours at work, it’s always cold and snowy and you have to wear four layers of clothes just to walk your dog. Winter may bring its fair share of mirth, but you can’t overlook the gloom.

So amid the roller coaster ride of the holidays, take a moment to let your coworkers know they’re appreciated. It can be after a successful project, or it can be for no reason at all. Here are a few ideas that always go over well here at RELAXNation.

Homemade baked goodness
You may not be Paula Deen, but nearly anyone can pull together some cookies or banana bread. Don’t have a specialty or preference? Here is a list of 10 easy holiday desserts you could make for the office.

Coffee & bagels
This is a guaranteed hit. Pick up an assortment of bagels and spreads from your favorite bakery, and you have to spring for the carton of coffee. Nothing spreads goodwill (and raises morale) like a good cinnamon raisin bagel and a good cup of Joe.

Cookies and donuts
Most donut and cookie shops have seasonal items, whether its a certain flavor, specialty item or decorations. Order up a few dozen of whatever sounds good and pick them up just before work. Oh, and you better grab some milk, too!

From the food to spending time with your family, the holidays are amazing, but you can’t say they’re not stressful. Warming up the office with some of these goodies will help spread some real cheer around the office and help block out the gloom of winter.

What’s the nicest thing a coworker has done at your work place? Let us know by Tweeting us.

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