Spruce Up Your Office, Holiday Style
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Spruce Up Your Office, Holiday Style

If you’re a fanatic for the holidays, chances are high that you can’t keep all that festive spirit contained strictly to your personal life. So why not add a dash or two to your space at the office? It’ll add additional cheer to your work life and maybe even cheer up a workplace grinch, or two. Now when decking your cubicle or office space for the holidays, there are a few important things to keep in mind, as we’ll detail below. Keep it tasteful and be conscious of how it will affect those around you, but do make it your own!

Tips for Holiday Decorations At Work

– Before you start, speak with your supervisor about what’s appropriate and allowed. You don’t want to lose your job over your cubicle decorations!

– Don’t go overboard. Too much sparkle and glitter can look tacky and unprofessional unless you’re going for the Clark Griswold look. In that case, you’re slacking until you hang few hundred strings of lights.

– Avoid anything that’s distracting. Make sure that whatever you do does not upset the office feng shui. Stay away from things that are too bright, blink, jingle or make any other distracting noises. Unhappy coworkers do not make for happy holidays.

– Pick a few designated areas, or just one area, in your office space or cubicle to add flair.

– Keep it simple. In a small space, one bold visual element can be a lot more effective than several smaller ones.

– If your office is seen by the public, you may want to stay away from symbols and colors that are closely associated with specific religious holidays. If that’s the case, make silver and gold your go to scheme. They’ll say FESTIVE! without leaving anyone out.

– Pick a spot and jazz it up with a string of miniature lights. Remember, NO TWINKLING! Also, avoid plugging lights into outlets that are shared with other equipment, especially energy-demanding electronics such as computers, printers and copy machines. And never leave holiday lights on overnight, they should always be unplugged at the end of the day.

– Replace the photos on your desk with holiday-themed pictures. Bring in photos of your children sitting on Santa’s lap, childhood photos of you crying on Santa’s lap or pictures of your pet wearing reindeer antlers.

– Decorate a small artificial tree with office supplies.

– Tape metallic garland along the edges of your desk or along the top of your cubicle.

– Place a few candy canes in a tall glass or a small poinsettia on the corner of your desk.

– Hit up the local thrift shop or your parent’s closet for a few tacky sweaters. Use hangers to place them around your office space for a little wacky d├ęcor fun.

Finally, remind your co-workers that the holiday season is not only a time to celebrate, but also a time to think of those less fortunate than ourselves. Bring the spirit of giving into the office by organizing a food or toy drive for those less fortunate in your community. Place the goods in a public area of your office to keep the drive fresh on everyone’s minds.

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