A New Year’s resolution to live by: Don’t drink and drive
A New Year's resolution to live by: Don't drink and drive

Most New Year’s resolutions are small efforts to improve health and happiness. Exercise more, eat less. This year we have a resolution that if we all keep, we all benefit: When we’re drinking, there’s no driving. It’s a resolution to live by all year long, and we certainly want to stress this during your New Years celebrations. We’ve come up with these tips to help you keep this resolution:

Celebrate the all-inclusive way
Many hotels have huge celebrations on New Year’s Eve. It makes sense – many people are looking for hotels for that night anyways, so why not have the party an elevator ride from your bed? It’s like a slumber party, you know, minus the pajamas and popcorn and plus the shrimp cocktails and countdown to midnight.

No matter where you want to celebrate, check the local hotels for great all-inclusive deals. For what you will likely pay in bar covers, drinks and cab rides you could have a room, too! Deals like these in Las Vegas are a plenty, so do some research.

Call a cab, stay with a friend
At the end of the night, it may be frustrating to pay another bill to get a cab to take you home, but there are ways to split the bill. If one of your friends has a large place with a few guest beds or a couch or two, meet there before going out. When you take a cab back to their place at the end of the night, everyone splits the bill and has a place to sleep. Now you have a slumber party after all!

Designate a driver
Chances are if you’re going out with a large group of friends there is someone who will be happy to skip the drinking and get to driving. If you’re going out to dinner, cover that person’s ticket. Pay their way into the bar and fill up their gas tank. Give them a nice bottle of wine to take home with them, too!

We like to have a good time as much as anyone, but please, plan your good time accordingly. Be safe, be smart, and start 2012 off right.

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