How to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day getaway, RELAXnation style
How to plan the perfect Valentine's Day getaway, RELAXnation style

Maybe the cynics are right and Valentines Day is a commercial holiday to improve chocolate sales. We love an excuse to buy a box of chocolate, but it’s easy to get carried away with the cards, stuffed animals and diamonds. Oh, let’s not even talk about the diamonds.

Instead of getting caught up in the gifting this year, it’s time to take a different route. We’re doing a weekend trip, RELAXnation style. No big expensive hotels or resorts, no lobster tail dinners and no pricy gifts. Just time with our sweethearts, a bottle of wine or two and a cabin in the woods. Here are our tips on planning your V-Day getaway.

Location, location, location
First, get out of the mindset that you must have the spoils of a resort to have a good time. There’s something romantic about a weekend in a cabin tucked away in the mountains or on a quiet beach property. Check to see what cabin or lake houses are near you. Can’t find any? Search for bed and breakfasts in the area. These options are usually cheaper than a stay at a resort or fancy hotel.

To gift or not to gift?
Sure, gifts are nice, but this trip is really the gift for each of you. Consider getting each other cards and no gifts, or setting a very small price limit on the gifts. Chocolate is always acceptable though.

Plan a night in
If you do a full weekend, consider staying in for dinner one night. If you’re in a cabin or lake house you could both make a dinner together. Instead of waiting at a restaurant you can make a new memory together and have a little fun while you’re at it. Dining in will also save you some bucks.

When you’re planning think obscure and try to find places you haven’t visited before. Live near Chicago? Check out Saugatuck, Michigan for a beautiful town with an amazing art scene. If you’re in California then consider the National Parks near you, or venture into a part of your great state you haven’t visited before. East Coasters will find the cabins all along the Appalachian Trail and deep into the Smoky Mountains. No matter where you live there is a quiet cabin just waiting to show you a good time.

Come on, every year you find yourself out on Valentines night, battling long lines at the restaurants and frustrated. Try the weekend getaway. When you’re holding a glass of wine and cuddled up on the couch with your sweetheart watching a fire crackle, thinking how perfect it is, just remember: we told you so.

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