How To Organize A Small Laundry Room
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How To Organize A Small Laundry Room

Laundry rooms are a hubbub of activity but unfortunately they’re usually barely big enough to be classified a “room.” To utilize every square inch and maximize your storage options, follow our steps to make the most of a small laundry room!

How To Organize A Small Laundry Room

1) Find The Time
Before you get started, schedule a free weekend to complete this project. It will not take an entire weekend but it will help if you know when to work your laundry and cleaning tasks around the space revamp – and avoid a hot mess in the space.

2) Clean Out
Remove everything from the room, minus appliances and fixtures.

3) Space Planning
Evaluate your space. Take measurements of your wall and floor so you’ll know EXACTLY how much space you have to work with. Since your washer and dryer are usually in a fixed position, use them as a starting point for space planning.

Decide what you’d like in your space (check out our handy list, below) and figure out where you’d like to place them (use our visual guide shown below). Evaluate and measure where you can hang shelves, an ironing board, drying racks and place the hamper(s). Record all of your measurements on an index card so you’ll have it handy when you hit the store.

Decide which you’d like to include:

-High table or flat surface
Can be placed over your washer and dryer and extend out for laundry sorting, folding and storage.

-Shelves (wall mounted or shelf system)
A crucial element to maximize space, we love stacking wall mounted shelves to free up floor space. A lot of spaces can also benefit from a high shelf. Sure you won’t access it very often, but it’s the perfect spot for those seasonal items that you’ll need only a few times a year.

-Hanging rod and/or drying rack
Should span above your workspace with an open area for hanging clothes.

-Hamper or divided hamper
Can be tucked under your table.

-Ironing Board (wall mount)

-Bulletin or magnetic board
Perfect spot to pin wardrobe inspirations boards and stain removal tips.

-Storage containers
Store cleaning and laundry supplies in medium to large size open-top storage container. Place these on your shelves along with small lidded containers for odds and ends (think buttons, loose change etc.). Use large, low profile containers for the top shelf.

4) Paint
Decide if you want to get rid of those white walls with a fresh coat of paint. It’s not a necessary step but a crucial one if you want to make a big difference in your laundry room. Cover them with a soothing green, pretty pastel blue or bright yellow. (Of course the paint colors are entirely up to you!)

5) Gather
It’s time to gather up all of your materials. Don’t forget to bring your measurements card with you to your local hardware and big box stores.

6) Work It
Enlist an extra set of hands to help you install the shelves, hanging rods etc. Once you’re done with the project you can treat them and yourself to a pizza and bottle of wine. Hey, your new fabulous laundry space requires a celebration, too!

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