Three music services that can bring fresh tunes to a dull work place
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Three music services that can bring fresh tunes to a dull work place

“Music can change the world because it can change people”

Bono, the charitable frontman of the band U2, said that. We’re not interested in debating music’s global impact, but we are definitely here to say some good tunes can make a long work day suck less. If your job consists of monotonous tasks from a cubicle then you may be in need of some change. With today’s economy it might not be advisable to strike up a job search, but you can certainly find new ways to make your work day more enjoyable.

So if you find yourself constantly stuck in a moment at work, try these music streaming websites to help you sing a different tune.


Put simply, Pandora tries to get inside of your head and recommend music you might like. The founders created what is called the “Music Genome Project,” where songs are assigned over 400 attributes, or “genomes.” So if you tell Pandora you like a certain artist, song or style of music, it will find other songs with similar attributes. Pandora has been at it since 2000, so the site is the elder of our recommendations, but you will experience the occasional kink (such as Merl Haggard coming up on our hip hop station).

The service is available for free, but don’t be surprised if you get a couple of advertisements an hour on the free subscription.


Meet Pandora’s biggest competition. Spotify really kicked up some dust last year when it got endorsements from artists like Mos Def and joined forces with Facebook. That’s right, this is the service that has been filling your newsfeed, letting you know that John Q listened to some obscure indie band all morning then switched gears to “Party in the USA” and “Firework.” You don’t have to stream to Facebook, though. Also, unlike Pandora, Spotify allows you to search out specific songs and replay them.

Spotify’s free subscription limits you to 10 hours per month, but paid subscriptions are available for $5 a month and offer unlimited streaming and a mobile app.


GrooveShark has been lurking, unnoticed by the mainstream but still managing gain momentum within the music community. The service streams over 150 million songs each month, but has struggled with organization. Simply put, this is a file sharing service, so the songs you are streaming have been uploaded by other users. That means you may occasionally face songs being mislabeled or faulty. However, this site makes building a playlist super easy, and the best part – no ads to interrupt your tunes.

Of the three services, GrooveShark gets our vote for best free service, but give them all a shot and let us know what you think via Twitter! Also, be sure to make sure your workplace allows streaming (it can bog the Internet down).

We think Bono was right, and some good tunes will change your attitude about the work place! If you’ve tried steaming music at work and still haven’t found what you’re looking for, well, walk on.

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