Have fewer “Why didn’t I think of that?” moments with these clever tricks
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Have fewer

We have all been there. You see someone else do a difficult task you have done dozens of times and they make it look easy with one clever trick. Suddenly you wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Well stress no more! We’ve collected tips and tricks from everyone at our office and made a list. We invite you to leave your tips in the comments or Tweet them to us. Also, keep an eye on our Pinterest boards for more updates. Without further delay, here are a few ways to make life just a little easier, and hopefully more relaxing:

Baby Inspired Spice Rack
Save your baby food jars and turn them into spice containers. Paint the lids with chalkboard paint and write contents on top.

Plastic Bag Packer
Use a large plastic drink bottle and cut a hole in the bottom side of the bottle. Also cut a small hole in the lid to feed a piece of twine through the lid and leave a loop to hang the bottle. Stuff your bags through the lid of the bottle and pull them out through the hole in the bottom!

Sandy Skin Fix
Did you know baby powder plus sandy skin equals not sandy skin? You do now.

Repairing Scraped Furniture
Does your furniture have cat scratch fever or showing wear and tear from the kiddos? Rub a walnut kernel on the scratched areas to hide small scrapes.

Clean Cutting Board
Get those tough stains off your cutting board by squeezing lemon juice onto the board and let it sit for half an hour. Rinse and you’re done.

Simple Sheet Storage
For each of your matching sets of linens, take one of the pillow cases and store the rest inside. No more swearing while digging through what was a neat stack of linens.

Magnify the Music
Don’t you hate when you want to play a song for your friends but don’t have a speaker system for your phone? Drop it down into a bowl and the shape will act as an amplifier.

Hulling Strawberries
Take a regular soda straw, push it through the bottom of a strawberry and then through the center to the top. All of the green top will pop right off.

Wrapping Paper Storage
Those bins take up so much space! Instead of cluttering up a closet’s floor space with your gift wrap, considering stringing two wires parallel to each other in the roof of your closet and stacking your wrapping paper on the wires. You can also turn your leftover tissue boxes into plastic bag containers! Just fill it up and start pulling them back out.

Earring Picker-Upper
There’s nothing worse than losing a piece to your favorite earrings, except knowing that it’s somewhere in the room. Secure a stocking over the end of your vacuum hose and give the room a clean sweep. You will find the earring and probably a few other things you’ve been missing! If you still can’t find the earring, use the lone leftover as a cute pushpin!

Return This To Me
You’re a gracious person and don’t mind loaning out your favorite DVDs or books, but you want them back! Use your return address labels to claim all things yours.

Magnetic Tape Trick
Not only are you always losing earrings, but bobby pins and tweezers, too, right? Place a magnetic strip in your bathroom along the wall and put these items along the strip.

Cleaner Cleaning Supplies
By placing a tension rod under your sink you can hang all of your spray bottles up and out of the way.

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