How to reorganize your home away from home: your car
How to reorganize your home away from home: your car

Has someone ever gotten in your car and said, “Oh my, do you live in here?”

Even if you do live in your car that’s no excuse to have food wrappers and soda cans piling up on the floor and tolerating a looming stench of death. You keep your house clean and neat, and it’s time to do the same in the car. Here are a few ways to reorganize your mobile home away from home.

Trash Cans
Instead of throwing your garbage in the back seat, how about a trash can? They’re affordable, starting at around $6 on Amazon and instead of spending 10 to 15 minutes picking trash out of your car you will only have to take out the one bag. If you tend to take the corners a little fast, look the ones with velcro on the bottom or a slot for weights to keep them from tumbling around when you’re in a Danica Patrick mood.

Storage Bins
A friend was on their way home from the grocery store once when a jug of milk overturned, spilled and eventually soured. She had to have the carpet shampooed. This could have been easily solved with a storage bin to place the milk in. If you take a turn and hear tumbling of items in your trunk, it’s time for a storage bin. You can purchase these at any home improvement store or just use an old milk crate or even a box. Some are specifically made for cars, and are collapsable for when not in use.

Cargo Nets
An alternative to the storage bin is a cargo net. These hook into your trunk of your car or along the backseat of an SUV and allow for the stacking of groceries, kid’s athletic equipment, coolers or whatever else you have rolling around. They are easy to store when not in use – simply roll up the net and put it in the storage pouch behind your seat. Make sure you find a net that will fit your car model.

Mobile Desk
If you work out of your car for work, maybe it’s time you brought the desk along with you. Mobile work stations allow storage of files, laptops, pens, paper and whatever else you may need. They’re pretty handy for your computer if you need a place to work, too. While these run a little pricier than our other suggestions, they’re well worth it if you find yourself logging your 9 to 5 behind the wheel.

Other Options
Many people will not need a mobile desk or a collection of cargo containers. Sometimes you just need a place to put your change that isn’t the floor. Check out these smaller container options: Driver organizer, behind the seat sling, cup caddy, suspended air vent pocket and one of our favorites, the side seat organizer.

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