RELAX Riesling and German Wine Country
RELAX Riesling and German Wine Country

Here at RELAXnation, we love sharing the best ideas to make your life better. Rarely do we discuss a wonderful thing that makes our lives better, our RELAX┬« brand of wines. That being said, we do receive questions from you about Riesling and Germany, so we’re here to answer them!

“Where is RELAX Riesling made?”
RELAX originates in the Mosel River in the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer wine region of Germany. The region is famous for its steep vineyards which helps create our extraordinary wines.

“What’s so special about Germany?”
The climate and soil give German wines special characteristics. The geography is important because it plays a large role in the taste of the wine produced in the area, including ours. The banks caused by the rivers of the region are steep, REALLY steep, and vineyards often carpet these slopes. The steep slopes provide the vines with better exposure to sunlight and the region’s slatey soil holds the sun’s heat, which in turn nurtures the vines.

Wines produced in these areas are known for their light body, color, and refreshing, fruity acidity. Of all the world’s Rieslings, the ones produced in Germany have the most distinctive mineral character, and are the most highly prized by wine lovers for their balance of fruit and acidity.

“The bottle says you are imported by Schmitt Sohne. Who are they?”
RELAX Riesling is just one of the many great wines imported by Schmitt Sohne. The Schmitt Family has a long history of German wine making, as they settled in the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer over 200 years ago. Today, the company is run by 4th generation family member, Thomas Schmitt. If you’d like to learn more about the family, check out the Philosophy page of the Schmitt Sohne website.

“Is a wine a Riesling because it comes from Germany?”
No. There are other wines produced in Germany, but Riesling is the most widely cultivated grape variety in Germany – some 52,000 acres each year. Riesling grapes prefer cool climates and sandy clay or slate soils, so today they’re grown all over the world. When you shop for Riesling you probably see bottles from Austria, France, the US and so on. It remains undisputed, however, that Riesling grapes were first cultivated in and around modern-day Germany. Experts agree that the world’s best Rieslings still come from this area!

Finally, if you’d like to look at photos from the region, check out our “Wine Country” Pinterest board!

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  1. jessica says:

    We will be in Trier in the Fall. Is it possible to take a train or taxi to Longuich to tour the Relax winery??

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