Take a stand: A few ways to be more active and healthier at work
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Take a stand: A few ways to be more active and healthier at work

If you have a full time job, there is a 93.5 percent chance you do not get enough exercise throughout the work day. In fact, there’s a good chance you are sedentary. If that hits home — or work — with you like it did with us, then you will be more than happy to look at a few ways to be more active throughout the day. Here are our ideas, and we would love to hear yours, too. Comment below or Tweet them to us.

Break up your day
Did you know that chewing gum uses about 15 percent more energy than sitting at your desk? Any activity you do is going to use more energy than sitting, so try to find reasons to get up and walk around the office. Take breaks each hour to stand up and stretch, take a lap around the office at lunch.

Take the stairs
It may not seem like much effort, but bypassing the elevator for the steps each day helps you burn over 200 percent more energy than standing.

Lunch exercises
Even if your lunch is only half an hour you should be able to find some ways to exercise, even if it’s simply stretching. Standing up for lunch will burn about 10 percent more energy than sitting at your desk. Walking to a nearby cafe will help you burn 3 to 5 times as much energy as sitting at the break room table.

If your office has a gym, consider a lunchtime workout. With a spin workout or walking on a treadmill you could burn several hundred calories in half an hour or so, which will give you more energy throughout your day and help you stay healthier.

Stand for it
Some might consider it an extreme option, but many people are switching to standing desks. The idea is that our bodies are designed to be upright, not slumped over a keyboard, so by standing at your computer desk instead of sitting you are in a more natural position. It sounds like it’s a tough switch but many people seem to be finding it rewarding. Many furniture makers are even adapting to the trend with adjustable desks.

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