It’s time to un-think the word “vacation”
It's time to un-think the word

Already thinking about your summer vacation? Us, too. We have decided that it’s not going to be another week spent at a busy beach, dining at touristy restaurants and spending a fortune to stay at some resort that does origami with our hand towels (although those are pretty cute).

This year we’re looking for a way to vacation quietly. No souvenir shops or jet ski rentals — just a view of the sunset, a good book and a glass of wine. Sound good? Here are a few tips for planning you relaxation celebration:

Un-think the Word “Vacation”
To begin looking for a relaxing, atypical vacation, you have to redefine “vacation.” You don’t necessarily need a place withs of things to do to relax. In fact, if you live a busy lifestyle, you may not want to take a week’s vacation chocked full of activities. Think hard on what type of trip would relax you the most.

Make a List of To-Don’ts
Many people plan a vacation to-do list, but what if we plan a “don’t do” list? On our vacation we don’t want to check emails, get work calls, go on a long tour of anything, or feel obligated to spend big bucks at a fancy dinner. Keeping these things in mind will help you decide what type of location you want to visit.

Guest List
Sometimes you don’t just need a break from life’s obligations, you need a break from those around you. Consider whom you want to invite — if anyone — to join you on your vacation. Being the planner of a trip with a group of friends can be exhausting, so keep that in mind before inviting 10 of your closest pals.

How to Find These Quiet Getaways
It can be hard to think outside of the box on a vacation. Going to Google and searching for “unpopular vacation spots” will not get you very far, either. But there are other ways to do your homework. TripAdvisor has a search option where you can select the type of trip you would like to take and where. If you don’t like those results, try searching for cabins, lake houses or lodges in the state you wish to visit.

If you still don’t have any luck, turn to the most reliable and helpful tool you have — your friends! Put a post on Facebook or Twitter and ask your friends for unusual and relaxing vacation spots (just be sure not to say when you plan to go). If you want specific ideas, Tweet us and we’ll RT your question for our fans to help, too

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