Patio Garden: How To Assemble the Perfect Container Garden
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Patio Garden: How To Assemble the Perfect Container Garden

Container gardens are a wonderful way to bring life and color to a boring outdoor space. We love them because you can make your garden as big or small as you’d like, they’re low maintenance and don’t require a lot of elbow grease. Plus, you can move your plants around as you need to change up the space and remove all traces of your former garden during the winter months. Container gardens also offer up lots of planting options, fill them with flowers, herbs, shrubs, vegetables or whatever you’d like to try growing.

To get started, you will need five things: containers, plants, soil, water and sunlight. To plan your perfect patio garden, read on for our tips. The rest is up to you!

Start small: If this is your first try at gardening, remember that it’s okay to start small. In fact it’s amazing the difference that just one plant can make.

Go up: If you don’t have much ground space, you can also “grow up.” Try a hanging basket, sunny windowsill, or balcony.

Think beyond pots: You can make almost any container ready for the garden. Buckets, old plastic tubs, tires etc. Just make sure that whatever you use has a drainage outlet. You can easily do this by punching holes at the bottom of the container.

Bring style to the space: Your choice of containers will dictate the look. For a formal aesthetic, fill urns with cascading flowers. If you love eclectic, use lots of different pots and flowers. For a modern space, mix in grass and opt for a simple monochromatic color palette.

Experiment: If you fail at growing one thing, don’t give up. Ask someone at your local garden center for tips on what to plant. You can also ask them to direct you to hardy plants for your climate. Gardening should be fun, so experiment and play around.

If you’d like to learn more, we have lots of other great gardening tips and tricks on our RELAX in the Garden Pinterest board.

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