Decorating the Bride & Groom’s Getaway Car
Decorating the Bride & Groom's Getaway Car

One of a wedding parties easiest duties is also one of the most fun, decorating the bride and groom’s getaway car! Whether it’s a train of tin cans, “Just Hitched” scribbled on the back window or a bumper covered in streamers and balloons, the getaway car is a fun tradition that will ensure the newly wedded couple will get plenty of honks and congratulations as they travel to their final stop.

Get the Green Light
A few days before the wedding, ask the groom how they will be leaving the wedding. This is very important because you’ll only want decorate a car that you know is okay to decorate. So speak to the owner of the car first, or contact the car service for guidelines and/or restrictions. Be aware that some limousine and car rental companies discourage tying anything to the car.

Your choice of materials will depend on the type of vehicle they’re using to make their exit. If it’s the best man’s car or even the groom’s car, get creative but please, PAH-LEASE don’t use materials that will damage the car.

Spray paint (c’mon now), whipped cream (sugar damages paint), tin cans (they will spark) and electrical or masking tape. Remember, safety first. Sit in the driver’s seat and look around to ensure that the car is drivable. Don’t obstruct any views and don’t hide the license plate!

– Use plastic soda bottles, streamers or old shoes instead of tin cans. Attach these to the rear bumper.
– If you’d like to write on the windows, use bar soap, shaving cream or white shoe polish. Avoid using shaving cream on the paint, it can sometimes damage it. Play it safe and stick to windows.
– Use scotch tape as it won’t damage paint.
– Tie streamers and ribbons to the antenna, bumpers, side-view mirrors and door handles. Use varying lengths and colors for maximum impact.
– Attach a few balloons and throw some in the car. If you’re feeling extra spicy, fill up the inside of the car to capacity.

What to say
“Just Married,” “Just Hitched,” “Finally Hitched,” “Mr. & Mrs.”, “Tied the Knot,” “Lovebirds,” “Old Married Couple,” pick something that fits the couple’s personality.

Final Goodbye
If they have a driver, put a bottle of champagne or wine in an ice-filled bucket and stick it on the back seat. And since the couple often misses out on eating during the reception, ask the caterer to set aside a plate of food as well as a couple of pieces of wedding cake.

DIY Signs
“Just Married” template
“Just Married” Banner

– Do not put anything on the car that may damage it.
– Only decorate a car that you know is okay to decorate. Speak to the owner of the car first, or the driver for final okay.
– Do not obstruct the view of the driver.
– Do not use confetti in the car. It is not a good idea because it it very difficult to remove.

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