Win At Tailgating With These Tips
Win At Tailgating With These Tips

What better way to prepare for a game than with food, drinks and friends? We’ve concluded that the easiest way to be everyones favorite is to provide the cutest set up and tastiest drinks!

Here’s what to do:


Beverage Station
Make a sangria (our Autumn Apple Sangria recipe works perfectly!) and distribute into mason jars. This will ensure less mess at your tailgate and you can even do this before even hitting the parking lot for extra ease. **ADDED BONUS** the fruit from the sangria also serves as a snack!

Show Your Colors
Add splashes of color with straws, napkins and plates. Print paper wrappers in team colors or use construction paper and secure around mini water bottles.

Cool Advice
Prechill drinks and foods! Ice lasts longer when items are already cold. Prechill your cooler by placing a few ice cubes inside an hour or so before loading your beverages and food.

Cold air travels down, so put your ice in last. Load cans and bottles first, then cover with ice for maximum cold-keeping.

Ice lasts as much as twice as long in the shade so keep your cooler out of the sun!

Don’t drain the cold water. It’ll keep your contents cold almost as well as ice and will preserve the remaining ice much better.


Label your coolers so guests can find drinks easily.

Freeze water bottles to use in place of ice in coolers so you have cold water to drink after they melt.

Food Prep
Early game? Serve breakfast you can eat with your hands, like sausage and bacon wrapped in pancakes or cook breakfast burritos on your grill using a skillet.

Skewer and marinate kebabs and/or shape and pack up burger patties between sheets of wax paper the night before.

Serve With Style
Float a big helium balloon on a long string from your spot so friends can easily spot you.

Fill a six pack holder with your favorite condiments.

Pack soup or chili in thermoses during colder months.

Bring team colored Mardi Gras beads, temporary tattoos, bandanas, pom poms and other fun accessories.

Keep It Clean
Bring a large plastic tub lined with a trash bag to haul back dirty items.

Hang a paper towel roll using a bungee cord from the tent struts.

Ready For Anything Checklist
bottle openers
can opener
trash bags
paper towels
wet wipes
hand sanitizer
plastic zip bags
jumper cables


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