Last Minute Holiday Drinks
Last Minute Holiday Drinks

It seems like just yesterday we were feeling confident about preparing for the holidays. Well, buckle up people, because it is time to kick things into overdrive! There’s a ton to do and we want to help with an easy fix to dress up your drinks. Here are four drink additions to brighten your celebrations.


Starfruit Rose
– Cut a few pieces of starfruit & drop into a glass of Rose
– Slice a small section of one starfruit and place on glass


Frosty Grape
– Add red and green frozen grapes to your glass of Riesling, Pinot or whatever you choose! This is perfect for anyone who prefers an extra chilly glass
– The best way to freeze grapes: wash, towel dry, place in an empty ice cube tray (to ensure they aren’t touching each other) and freeze for at least 5 hours
– Drop the grapes into the glass of wine when you’re ready to drink


Pomegranate Riesling
– Drop a spoonful of pomegranate arils into a glass of wine
– The fruity sweetness will add a colorful glow to your glass


Fruity Candy Cane Riesling
Out with the boring peppermint candy canes, in with the delicious fruity candy canes!

– Break off about an inch and a half of the candy cane and hang it on the inside of your wine glass
– The candy cane will slowly mix into your Riesling with a fruity fresh flavor

Boom! Done! These additions each take no time at all and brighten your glass. Cheers to that!

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