DIY: Wreathless Door Decor
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DIY: Wreathless Door Decor

Decorating doors is all the rage…so what about trying something other than your typical wreath? While there are tons of cute ideas out there, we decided to change things up with three easy DIY “wreathless” door decorations! And what can we say, they’re A-DOOR-ABLE. So let’s get crafty and brighten up your front door!

1. Chalkboard Hello


We love this door decoration for its year-round versatility. You can easily remove the ribbon each season and change the message for holidays, parties, birthdays, special welcomes etc.!

A flat, thin chalkboard (check your local DIY store for a variety of shapes and sizes, keeping in mind the width of your door), brightly colored/patterned ribbon, duct tape, colored chalk.

~ If your door has a peep hole measure out enough ribbon to hang the chalkboard while keeping the peep hole viewable.
~ Write a message on the chalkboard. We went with “happy spring”, you can write whatever you want! We’re also big fans of address numbers.


2. Umbrella Bouquet

We absolutely love how this turned out. It is super easy and looks ahh-mazing! You’ll get loads of compliments.

Large, colorful umbrella (obviously one that you don’t need to use right now), coordinating silk flowers, ribbon.

~ Simply lay the umbrella on a flat surface and place the flowers inside.
~ Tighten by wrapping and tying a ribbon around the middle to hold the flowers in place and keep the umbrella from opening.
~ Hang on your door using the umbrella handle–VOILA!

3. Welcome Frame

Have a large picture frame laying around that you don’t use anymore? Solution: decorated picture frame with interchangeable messages!


Wooden picture frame with wide border, paint (can use variety of colors), sponge paint brush, ribbon, twine, mini clothespins, foam letters, stencil of a pattern, duct tape.

We went for a subtle two color option and used a stencil for a classic design. Here’s how we did it:
~ Start by picking a paint color and word. We went with the classic “welcome”, you can use “spring” etc.
~ Paint the frame.
~ After it dries, stencil your pattern (we found one that happens to be the exact pattern we adore right now – whoop!). Use a sponge brush, it is better when stenciling because the paint won’t slide under the stencil.
~ Once the paint dries, measure out the twine to stretch across the inside of the frame. You want this to go across the entire frame, but make sure you don’t keep it too tight or else the letters won’t be relaxed. We duct taped the twine, you can also use hot glue etc.
~ Next, attach the ribbon to the frame so it can be hung. For extra security, we put some duct tape over the ribbon and glue. What can we say, we like duct tape.
~ Attach letters to the twine with mini clothespins.

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