Planning The Last Fling Before The Ring
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Planning The Last Fling Before The Ring

We’re closing in on wedding season and for many of us that means bachelor and bachelorette parties. If your BFF happens to be getting hitched this year you’re probably responsible for planning said party, and if you don’t have ideas by now you are probably in need of some help. Lucky for you, we have some awesome out-of-the-box tips. Let’s get to em':

Bachelorette Parties

So much of the planning for bachelorette parties often goes into what color dresses to wear, finding an affordable limo, booking a hotel and where you’re going to find the tiara, sash and shot glass necklace. And other things. A hem. While all of that certainly comes together to make a good time, it’s not exactly unconventional. So if you’re looking for something different, consider these suggestions:

For the Adventurous BrideEgg relay

Road trip – You can actually take everything we just mentioned and book it in a nearby town, as it ups the ante. Exploring a new night scene suddenly makes it adventurous and fun.

For the Sporty Bride

Field Day – There are many traditional field day games that are fun for adults. Make that SUPER fun. Find a party spot with a decent sized backyard, preferably someone other than the bride’s house, so you don’t have to pile into cars to grab food, drinks and chill. Mix up the activities to include three legged-races, egg tosses, hulu hoop competitions, water balloon tosses and other fun. Plan activities that encourage friendly competition and are suitable for all physical levels. You can also come up with silly prizes for winners!

For the Chill Bride

Winery – What’s more relaxing and fun than gossiping with wine in hand while touring a beautiful vineyard? Luckily you don’t have to travel to Napa, either. There are thousand of vineyards popping up across the country. Do a quick Google search to find out if there are any in your area and plan away! Many have bachelorette packages with a load of fun options, so be sure to ask!

Spa – Give your bride-to-be the royal treatment with this one. With either this one or the winery you can end your evening with a nice dinner and drinks at your favorite restaurant.Last fling before the ring

Bachelor Parties
Despite how hilarious and successful “The Hangover” was, many grooms are not interested in waking up amid total destruction. In fact, they’re opting to get away from that scene and find ways to relax – something we have some expertise in. So in no particular order, here are a few unconventional ideas for a bachelor party:

For the Adventurous Groom

Camping trip – Nothing like sitting around a campfire with a drink in hand, talking about life. Sometimes fellas just gotta get in touch with their inner outdoorsman. Plan activities like whitewater rafting, kayaking or canoeing – Again with the nature twist, but really, does it get much better than floating down the river?

For the Sporty Groom

Sports outings – Whether it’s paintball, golf, basketball, softball or even just fishing, this is a great way to cut loose with the guys. If you want to make a trip out of it, just plan the activity for the day, and have a cabin rented for that night.

For the Chill GroomBachelor Camping

Sip and Learn – Head to a local distillery or brewery for tours and tastings. Stay safe with this one by booking a limo bus or coordinating drivers so everyone can partake without getting behind the wheel.

If you have more ideas please share…you never know when we’ll be planning another party!

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