RELAX in the Kitchen
Caramel Apple Sangria

While we’re all obsessed with pumpkins this season, let’s not forget about the season’s other star, apples! We admit to falling behind on the apple love, so we’re making up for that with this Caramel Apple Sangria. We’re not kidding you when we say this tastes straight up like a caramel apple. It’s super easy […]

Easy & Delish Recipe for Mini Pumpkin Muffins

Everyone loves pumpkin flavored anything right now. Well, shamelessly, we also fall into that category. We can’t resist the drink options, the baked goods, the scents…it’s everywhere and it’s delicious. So here we are providing you with a healthy spin on pumpkin treats, mini pumpkin muffins! And if you don’t mind the extra calories, an […]

Last Minute Halloween Wine Drinks

Halloween is fast approaching! If you’re still scrambling for cocktail ideas, we’ve got a fun treat that is super simple: All you need: – RELAX Riesling – Lemon-lime soda – Ice – Nerds (we recommend orange, green & purple for Halloween but other colors would also work) – Straws – Halloween-shaped marshmallow candies (we used […]

Berry Bloody Cocktail Recipe

Looking for a good Halloween spirit? Look no further than this hauntingly good drink recipe perfect for all Hallow’s eve. Make it ahead to share with your ghoul-friends or take to a party, there’s plenty to go around! Berry Bloody Cocktail Ingredients: Mixture of fresh blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, about 1 cup total 4-5 strawberries, […]

Halloween How-To: BOOzy Bar

Who said you can’t celebrate Halloween as an adult? Not us. C’mon, who are the real people that deserve a treat? WE ARE! So in the spirit of all things fun, we came up with this sweet and simple set up for your Halloween enjoyment. Recreate it for your next October gathering or heck, just […]

One-Pot Pumpkin Pasta

Need a recipe that comes together in less than thirty minutes? (Who doesn’t?!) This One-Pot Pumpkin Pasta dish is not only quick, it’s delicious. Pumpkin purée and Pinot Grigio come together in a super creamy sauce made spectacular with goat cheese. It’s guaranteed to be your new fall favorite. There’s plenty you can add or […]

Autumn Apple Sangria Recipe

Leaves are changing, sweaters are being unfolded and Pumpkin Spice Lattes are out. This means one thing: FALL IS COMING! Prepare yourself people, it’s time to be flooded with pumpkin everything. Emphasis on everything. Obvi, ciders are a great way to enjoy the season. But this year we have something that’s even better, Autumn Apple […]

What To Do With Leftover Riesling

Ever find yourself with leftover Riesling? We do. Sometimes. Ok, maybe not all that often but it can happen. And that is a major issue. NO ONE SHALL WASTE THE WINE! So rather than ditching it, we’ve got some genius solutions: Riesling Ice Cubes Pour your Riesling into an ice cube tray, filling each cube […]

Wine & Snack Party Ideas

Having some friends over? Hosting a party? Whatever the occasion, wine and snacks should always be on the menu! While there are plenty of wine & cheese ideas that have been written, we thought the world could use one with a few more food pairing options. The more snacks the better, yes? For this setup […]

Is frozen fruit as healthy for you as fresh fruit?

Is frozen fruit as healthy for you as fresh fruit?